Melo Miles “The Sicilian” – Little Italy Vol. 1 (Mixed Tape)

Melo Miles “The Sicilian” – Little Italy Vol. 1 (Mixed Tape)


1. 13 Year Old Grammar

MM TS – 13 Year Old Grammar

13 years young/jury hung/daddy stung/he had honor/he had a fight stronger/alcohol monster/baby on the way/now baby dead/convict never understand/13 year old Rap fan/the only letters he knows/big picture/got thrown out of school/for fighting/his sister got hit by lightning/the high school date rape thug/13 year old brother walked up/pushed slug/now rapist sitting in a casket/first body of a killer/societal lobotomy/filler/paid/fleet/sweet serenade/Lee Jeans/Soon schemes/greyhound from machine/Bronx River squatter/running from police/cold case got hotter/don’t care/why bother/that don’t know drug kit/for convict daughter/but he believe his kid sister anyway/put star quarterback to grave/5 families find fate/The Sicilian quiet with tapes/talk alone and finds place/spaghetti/garlic toast/sunny day/make money/next day/everyday.

2. Imagination and Bullets

MM TS – Imagination and Bullets

Got a bit bigger/slicker in pictures/Pat Riley/slick back hair/steely stare/winning at favorite game/truth or dare/she was my same size/she spread open thighs/plied her with lies/Boones wine/strawberries field forever/glitter on Mariah Carey sweater/tethered to feathered hair/lining up lipstick/money from hits/Boyfriends/relax with they tips/on goals/no aims/trick money for gold chains/imagination and bullets/the way to get paid/pulled it cuz my mental gun/sets off wars/two tours in Watts and Bronx rivers/strapped with mom’s worries/and invincible ego/pushed off Regals/cleaned out/vessels/for 500/flip for kilos/that’s the way of a Godson/Sicilian mistress/plays with my hand/got her wet/spin donuts in sand/cigarettes short of one pack/smoke stack factory/we in love/about to be poor forever/sexy forever.

3. Monster of Little Italy

MM TS – Monster of Little Italy

There are rules/to rulenessness/ruthless/juvenile mess/in the courthouse/holding pants up/48 size Levi’s/to help me/hide drugs and nines/cuz I can’t talk/if he shoots me first/done in that dopey moment/going to live for ever/than it’s court date/diamond earings/Diamond Street/tweet this tweek good/twenty five year old/found vice of dope fiends/somebody got to bootleg/she sells/sea shells and got robbed/jackers with jobs/sales pitch slobs/claws/into mailman yard/everybody think they will be CEO/but working for yourself/only happens if you have workers/to prey off of/mom is working at rich man’s home/he has hard job/she gives blow job/to keep cable on/lob city clips/quips and string up grip/dirty money lasts Zetas not for long/but Disney took many one arm pets/to fat farms/and the monster of Little Italy/is ready to kill Bart Simpson/for his grip/cheddar/sour cream/and money clips/baby on board/Rihana/cosmetics/banana republic tour/democracy is only for those/that have Emperor’s donated clothes.

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