Melo Miles “The Sicilian” – Little Italy Vol. 2 (Mixed Tape)

Melo Miles “The Sicilian” – Little Italy Vol. 2 (Mixed Tape)


1) When you Believe

When you Believe

Lucky stars/knocked out/Tar to veins/liquored out/strike deal/cocaine/this is what happens when/you stop believing in school/zoom meeting/uncle had too much drink/knocked spoiled boy in teeth/greets lady/she so pretty/she about the only pretty lady/got job/Starbucks on the lam/The Sicilian/had first taste blood curdles with hate/mud coffee/Espresso/discover the loveliest place/her smile in his face/hair half down to her waist/mysterious eyes/she was the prettiest ways/he was not much for saving face/he just looked at her/I’ll be back don’t you dare/leave this job/cave man with a pawg/strike back with the law/what you got on this fool/truancy with his crew/slap tags on Canal Street/mercy is his angel of mercenaries/patriot turn to bucs like Brady/tax taker/The Sicilian/don’t retire/wired on coffee and comic books/true crime capers/when you believe in love/under sky scrapers.

2) Zetas in Sicily

Zetas in Sicily

Catholic guilt/drink to tilted kilt/jilted lover blood spilled/the ways of the critter/id rampage on twitter/it’s because I say so/show is over/load up pistol/if you didn’t pay wi-fi/daddy would have been holding his daughter/maybe we need to treat/Mona less like pariah/and more like our pageant queens/no money/makes souls free/is it better to find true love/or be rich forever/cuz millionaire match makers/don’t have heart beats to measure/cold blooded house hunt/purchase kid brother runt/he was stunted by non-profit/see that’s what’s wrong with society/we give trophies to the shooters/front page/what’s his face/2 followers on facebook/turns big rage/maybe it’s because Jesus would of pulled a plug on this mess/but the spaghetti too good I guess/said the microphone minister/The Sicilian with business in hat sinister/looking at Zetas drug figures/money and violence may not get you to heaven/but it sure gets you far on Earth/The Sicilian has a date with Mona/drives up in Lambo/who needs school when you the teenage Rambo

3) Basquiat’s Bisquit

Basquiat’s Bisquit

Won’t get far dating this rap star/cuz I don’t own a car/Sicilian sex symbol like Mona Azar/meets Mona Lisa/let me tell you about the time/I went and visited my home village one time/Parisian sunset/but rent soared/on the run is chore/took tower to hype/on Walker street/he was such success/casting couch and a view yes/Broadway Hugh Heff/Catholic guilt don’t pay rent/The Sicilian knew what next/get the dope to his bedroom door/cuz coke easier to get than viagra/The Sicilian listens to instructions in head/he didn’t pay one too many debts/cashing in on political enemy’s intent/what’s the big deal/kid waits for his break/this will get him another case/walk up/family/loyalty/money/the mafia mama mia/pretty Mona with a venti/of whatever she likes drinking/mumbo jumbo/now the big success/is over/dead/live on instagram/of course he left a witness/boasting about murder today/good for business/but I just wanted to sell a love poem/the maniac moves of slum boys/turned to choirs/flip money like wire boy/getting structure in head/we promise/this won’t be the end to success/the American love affair/not fair/country/god/and violence/country fairs/the biggest pumkins/Basquiat’s biscuit starts dumping/Andy Worhol/Marylin Monroe/great party drugs hidden by Sicilian’s pelvis/drugs, rock and roll and fit Elvis.

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