Melo Miles “The Sicilian” – Little Italy Vol. 3 (Mixed Tape)

Melo Miles “The Sicilian” – Little Italy Vol. 3 (Mixed Tape)

mm ts – intro

1. Las Palmas Draco

mm ts – las Palmas draco

Surf side/say strides/tides/of titans/nine innocent died/tongue tied/no rules/except CEO paid more/jewels/Las Palmas dinner/mural of Frank/thinker/to be frank/The Scicilian graduated to selling crank and robbing banks/lay back/no thanks/drank a bit/Draco and full tank/Valentines day/except now/the Vongole/got more clams/that money/little Scicilian American/bigger tummey/plates with Blythe street friends/suicide splits/for ends/walk up/big boss in scripts/caught taxing his kids/listen/nobody listening/spray place/killed boss man face/and his click/the cheese business/out of this world now like Martians/they were not his people/he doesn’t like the starving/they were greedy and feeble/Mona waiting for him at their little home/shown camera/he flips off and goes/on Las Palmas with a bit of gold/flip it at pawn shop/off Metro/him and little lady bout to get Jennifer convertibles/baby on the way with materials/concrete labor work on Monday/but he a star like Hollywood/hay/is for cows the Las Palmas assassin on Boulevard/proud/spars with Scarface in Monte Carlo/for a drop top Monte Carlo/Watts bulb he the brightest/leather couch/she gets high/rides him the finest.

2. Fashion Model Love Gallows

mm ts – fashion model gallows

Suede shoes/all those rules/creed of brand new/eating good/no crew/miss fools/but really just you/your lady/will she get finessed by officer/quietly posture/cop new author/looking for God/when you shot up funeral/wartime tosser/general knows the slaughter/how to be a Don/if they need you to rob/but you convince them to do the robbing/no Robin/everybody on own/watch those who compare/The Scicilian knew what/that gangster flow/broke street code/you don’t know/but assassin is told/streets rob your soul/angry foothold/claw more/money for gold/Monet painting/fine life/that’s all a gentleman like/Mona in the back/she drank that bat/funky juice/her monkey feverish/she wants family/and he knows/the young assasin takes square job/to keep his rep slow.

3. Village of Broadway Bordello

mm ts – village of Broadway Bordello

This is why/trust nobody/selfish gene/apple pie/swing by/but out the 4 door/just score one for block/The Scicilian frees thoughts/how many neighbors/he bothered putting butcher/on her jukebox/I lost my life/drinking whiskey with syrup/don’t you see/God put the Godfather envy in me/fighting for my daughter/only few words to mother daughter/wanted by Federal/telling block/you touch her wrong/I’m a make grandmas weap/creeper looking like weather man/only know grip and street candor/breaking hoes for bordellos/God told me/somebody got to do it/spit that pimp/get money and spy/village of fly/trained by the corrupted/like Doggystyle/learn that pimping/latin times/1994/bitch better have my money/simply/that’s why/I have nothing but time/my enemies/not around/they died/said by the surprised/Los Angeles Godfather talk LA Confidential for underground crews.

mm ts – outro

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